Blog #3 – Mesa Boogie, Studio Sessions, & New Deja Groove website!

Sep 26, 2012

Well it’s been another busy few months again! Playing loads of gigs, studio sessions, teaching and writing, as well as moving house!

Since my last blog Mesa Boogie have endorsed me and made me a Mesa Artist, I’ve been using Boogie gear for the last few years and it’s meant so much to be recognized by them as a Guitarist!

Check out this recording with Deja Groove, My Mesa Boogie was ALL over this!

Doing loads with Deja Groove, we’ve been out gigging loads. As well as getting loads of promo stuff together, the bands just got a website up and running, and we had a great photo shoot with a fantastic photographer, Kevin Donnelly a few weeks back. You can check some of his work out here : Also check out the Deja Groove website too:

Deja Groove

Also, I was recently introduced to an awesome producer Ich Mowatt, and went to his studio to do a few sessions playing Electric, Acoustic, & Nylon String guitar on a great album for an artist he’s been working with. It was really good fun working with Ich, the album was sounding great and can’t wait for it to be released!

Been playing a few gigs with Hannah B too! Her albums coming on nicely, we’ve been writing loads with her over the last month or so, as well as arranging a few covers she wants to try out. I’m going to be in the studio with the rest of the Hannah B band through the beginning of December recording the album with her.

On a totally unrelated topic, check out this youtube link below! I’m really digging this guitarist at the moment! The guy’s called Rick Watford, just amazing feel & amazing pocket which a lot of these gospel guys have! Enjoy!

Marvin Sapp – More Than A Conquerer – (Calvin Rodgers-drums)

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Until next time!


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