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Choosing the Perfect First Guitar for Your Child: Brands, Tips, and Celeb Insights

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Selecting the right guitar for your child’s musical journey is an important decision. With numerous brands and models available, it can be overwhelming. In this guide, we’ll explore the best brands for beginner guitars, offer valuable tips, and even peek into the choices of celebrities like Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift. Whether you’re in Burbage, Hinckley, Leicestershire, or anywhere else, this advice will help you make an informed decision.

Which Brand of Guitar Is Best for Beginners?

When it comes to beginner guitars, some brands stand out for their quality and playability. Brands like Yamaha, Fender, and Gibson offer excellent options. Yamaha’s beginner guitars are known for their affordability and reliability, while Fender’s starter packs provide everything your child needs to start playing.

What Guitar Does Ed Sheeran Use?

Ed Sheeran is renowned for his talent and signature guitar style. He often plays a Martin LX1E, which is a smaller-sized acoustic guitar. While it’s a favorite of his, keep in mind that your child’s choice should be based on their comfort and preference.

Should I Buy a Cheap Guitar for Beginners?

While budget is a consideration, it’s important not to compromise too much on quality. Cheap guitars can be difficult to play and may not stay in tune. Look for affordable options from reputable brands like Yamaha and Fender, which offer great value for beginner instruments.

How Do I Pick My Child’s First Guitar?

Choosing the right guitar involves several factors. Ensure it’s the right size for your child, as smaller guitars are more comfortable for beginners. Consider their musical interests; if they’re leaning towards rock, an electric guitar may be a good choice, while an acoustic guitar suits various styles.

Is It Better to Start with Acoustic or Electric Guitar?

The choice between acoustic and electric depends on your child’s musical preferences. Acoustic guitars are versatile and great for learning the basics, while electric guitars offer a different sound and style. Discuss their interests with a music instructor to make an informed decision.


Choosing the right guitar for your child is an exciting step in their musical journey. Explore the options from reputable brands like Yamaha, Fender, and Gibson. Seek guidance from music instructors and let your child’s interests guide your decision. With the right guitar, they’ll be on their way to creating beautiful music.

Ready to help your child embark on their musical adventure? Visit local music stores in Burbage, Hinckley, and Leicestershire to explore the available options and consult with experts. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below, and let’s inspire the next generation of guitarists!