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Discover the world of guitar under the expert guidance of Liam McGarry, an acclaimed guitarist and dedicated guitar instructor. With a versatile background that spans genres and continents, Liam is your gateway to unlocking the magic of music.

Offering a seamless blend of in-person and online guitar lessons, Liam caters to a diverse range of students. Whether you’re a budding enthusiast, looking to conquer guitar chords for beginners, or a seasoned player aiming to refine your craft, Liam’s personalised approach ensures your musical journey is as unique as your aspirations.

Drawing from a wealth of experiences and studies, Liam moulds well-rounded musicians, imparting essential skills such as:

  •  Technique: Precision and finesse for masterful guitar playing.
  •  Chord Vocabulary: A versatile toolkit of chords to elevate your sound.
  •  Repertoire: Craft a diverse setlist that reflects your musical identity.
  • Ear Training: Develop your ability to grasp melodies and harmonies by ear.
  • Time Feel: Master rhythm and groove for captivating performances.
  • Harmony: Explore intricate chord progressions and musical relationships.
  • Music Reading: Navigate sheet music and scores with confidence.

Liam is your compass through the intricate world of learning guitar. In an era of abundant online resources, Liam stands as your reliable guide, offering clear direction and purpose. Through a Free 30-minute consultation, he collaborates with you to define your goals and create practical practice schedules tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you’re learning guitar near you with in-person lessons or seeking the convenience of online guitar lessons for beginners, Liam’s commitment to your growth is unwavering. Embark on a musical voyage with Liam as your mentor. Discover the joy of playing guitar, learn guitar online, and elevate your skills in the company of an esteemed educator.

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Looking for Bespoke Lessons, groups or Workshops?

From beginner-friendly lessons that simplify complex musical concepts, to advanced masterclasses that unlock new perspectives in music creation and performance, Liam’s bespoke sessions are meticulously constructed to the skill level and motivations of the individual or group.